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Los Angeles

"California as I Saw It": This site contains first-person narratives of California's early years.

City of Los Angeles: The official site of the city provides general information.

Gangs in Los Angeles County: Though this Web page focuses on black gangs, its examination of L.A. street life makes it worthwhile.

Los Angeles: Past, Present & Future: Created by the USC Library, this site explores the culture and history of the city.

Los Angeles Times: L.A.'s major newspaper circulates 1,068,812 copies daily.

USC Geography: Downtown Los Angeles Walking Tour: This Web page takes netizens to the city's best sites.


Los Angeles Murals Home Page: Various artistic and social organizations introduce the world of L.A. murals.

Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles: This public-service organization promotes the preservation of murals.

Public Art in Los Angeles: This site documents all L.A. arts, including murals.

Social and Public Art Resource Center: This organization provided The Great Wall of Los Angeles.

Voices from the Hood: This Web page features photos of several L.A. murals.


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